A privacy option to do

Here is a way to hide some of your personal information.

A [cookie] cookie is a file stored on your computer that keeps track of various information such as when was the last time you visit the site. That information in the cookie at one point will be sent to the host server when visited.

Google owns a major web tracking site called DoubleClick. This is where Google gets some of its information about you including where you have gone.

[Note: There are still other similar sites that do the same but DoubleClick is probably the biggest one.]

If you wish to stop DoubleClick from tracking what you do, go to the following page and follow the instructions:


This takes a minute of your time.

  • If you are in Internet Explorer, the User Account Control in Windows Vista and later will need your approval.
  • You must use the same link for all the major web browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome – if you have one or more of them. Each require a separate plugin.

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2 Responses to A privacy option to do

  1. Thanks Ed, This is a big help and in an attempt to stop web tracking. There is a PC World Magazine article dealing with this same subject that people might be interested in at: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2458280/canvas-fingerprinting-tracking-is-sneaky-but-easy-to-halt.html#tk.nl_pcwbest

  2. Thanks for you suggestions and ID’ing Conduit as the Malware that it is. Like many, I’ve spend hours working hard to rid myself of Conduit. Any software that includes Conduit is something to be avoided. Thanks for you work Ed!!

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