Windows Server 2003 life is running out

Recently marked one final year of support for Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 line.

Just like Windows XP, Microsoft will cease support on this wildly popular server line on July 14, 2015.

The migration is on for some, have already finished for others and some shockingly didn’t even know the impending doom is coming or are procrastinating.

Microsoft estimates that a Server 2003 network [i.e. Server 2003 controllers, DHCP, DNS, etc.] would take about 200 days to completely migrate off that server operating system to Server 2012 R2 [the 200 days depends on the size of the network].

Hewlett-Packard estimates something like 2.7 million servers running Windows Server 2003. That’s close to 7400 servers per day world-wide – assuming there are 2.7 million servers out there to migrate.

Server manufacturers such as IBM/Lenovo, Dell and Hewlett-Packard must be rubbing their hands waiting for the big rush of server purchases. Problem is that they will never see some of those servers.

First, some companies may decommission older servers and move features and applications to underperforming servers that already exist [and are running Windows Server 2008 or newer].

Second, many of those 2.7 million servers are virtualized. The hardware manufacturers will make nothing off those virtualized servers except if a company needs a new host or two to alleviate the strain as the newer servers have higher resource requirements.

Like Windows XP, expect some companies to take the gamble by not upgrading those servers with specialized hardware or software [for example: software that isn’t upgradable]. There are companies still using Windows 2000 server – discontinued over 4 years ago.


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