New Gmail security kills syncing with some applications

If you are using Gmail with an application such as [but not limited to]:
• Microsoft Outlook [as part of Office]
• Outlook Express
• Thunderbird
• Email app on iPhone or iPad with iOS6 or below
• Email app on Windows Phone versions prior to 8.1
• 3rd party email apps on Android devices
Please read below….

Google has made a change in security with its Gmail mail system. This change was initiated today. If you are getting errors where you cannot synchronize one of the clients above with Gmail, it is because of this change. [An error message about an incorrect password is not true.]

The problem with these email clients is that they work with “Basic Authentication”. Google has increased its security measures to block access to Google accounts after July 15, 2014 if those accounts are being set up or synced in apps and on devices that use Basic Authentication.

To allow these clients, you will need to go into “Settings” in your Gmail account from the web site and adjust you settings like below [“Enable”]. You will receive a confirmation Email after of the change.


Typical Google. Was there any advanced notification?




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