Is the Windows Start menu coming back or not?

More games from Microsoft? [No not those games.]

Seems that after a Microsoft Build conference, one of the Microsofties announced something that just about everyone who supports Windows knew already: the Start menu would return.

Now the build conference was in April 2014, just before Windows 8.1 “Update” was released.

So most were expecting this in an “Update 2” which was initially denied [after all why wouldn’t “Update” be called “Update 1” if there was an “Update 2” coming out].

So, techies began to think that if there is no further update, the Start menu would be out as part of Windows 9 – still possibly another 1.5 years later.

Then talks swirled around that there will be an “Update 2” [scheduled now for a release in August].

But the latest news has it that “Update 2” will just have some minor fixes. No Start menu.

Now there is talk of a rumored “Update 3” scheduled for next spring which could have the Start menu update.

But by then it is rumored that Windows 9 would be released. [Of course we’d know by late this year if that rumor is valid when the first public betas are released (or a leaked alpha or private betas)].

You can actually see menu here.

Unfortunately, you can’t make out the build or version of Windows in the bottom right corner.

As for what the Start menu looks like? If that is the final looks in the video, you will have two camps: those who like it and those who want the actual Windows 7 Start menu back. There is no satisfying anyone.


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