Watch out for scammer web sites impersonating companies

If you ever have to contact a company for whatever reason, do not trust the search engines completely. In many cases, they are not Microsoft [or Google, or Yahoo or…] support and will probably charge you quite a bit of money when contacting actual Microsoft [or Google, or Yahoo or…] help would be free in some cases.

Many times these are like the same scammers who call and complain that your computer is full of malware.

Find what you need from the company’s actual web site.

In particularly I came across one scammer web site. The typical web site that supports all kinds of operating systems and computer manufacturers and who claim they have many certified technicians available 24 hours a day. [Note that I will not mention the web site.]

But I really didn’t come across this “company” by a search engine searching for help.

Instead I clicked on a bad link and I got the following message [more after the image]….


[I blurred out the scammers toll free number.]

The page above is on the same web site. So the question is why would a “legitimate” site have this also on their site?

If you try the page on another computer, you get the same two pieces of malware they claim is on your computer. Wow! A coincidence that both computers have the same malware. [And the only way to get rid of the message is to kill your browser completely from the Task Manager or reboot your computer. The page actually is harmless.]

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