Why do people whine when they know it is their fault?

Recently, the CEO of a large mobile telecom provider in the US went on a rant because a competitor got the exclusive rights to carry [and sell] the new Amazon Fire smartphone. He complained about exclusivity and of course how Facebook tried to get into the smartphone business – and failed [I guess a warning to the competitor that the Fire could be a clunker].Is it just me or is this a bit childish for a CEO?

Maybe the competitor got a better deal than the CEO’s company or he’s a poor sport. Maybe Amazon didn’t even bother negotiating with his company?

Reminds me of a well know music/video store in Canada. They were selling on the Internet early on and about the time they decided to stop selling on the Internet, the Internet boom started. Ooops.

Also reminds me of this same chain who banned artists like the Rolling Stones and Elton John [for a lengthy period of time] because another store chain [who didn’t specialize in music or videos] got some exclusive deals. [These exclusives were later available to all stores.]

This chain did not, however, banned some lesser artists who had exclusives to certain chains [who still sold well]. So a double standard combined with some bad sales or marketing?

Even funnier when this chain of 200+ stores initially would not abide by their price matching policy when a local chain of 4 stores had a great deal on a bunch of new releases. How could a local 4 store chain get a better deal than a huge chain?


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