Wish people would think first

I just love people who don’t think.

This guy on a web site with the word Linux as part of his alias posted a comment recently about a bug in a recent Microsoft Office 2013 update.

Seems one update is causing a problem with the “Click to Run” feature in Office 2013 [where applications get installed as needed and they can use the application even before it has finished installed].

Anyways the biased genius decided to make a comment saying “he” wasn’t surprised about the problem that Microsoft seems to have this problem every month.

Well someone responded smartly by saying if there is a problem every month as he claims, can he tell us what was the problem the last month, the month before that and before that one.

The respondent also reminded him that the recent Heartbleed bug [which was almost exclusively on Linux systems] wasn’t fixed correctly as a new OpenSSL bug has been found.

I can also think of the number of times that the Linux kernel had to be repatched.

It shows that this Linux “expert” was probably an expert in his own mind. He is biased. He doesn’t think. Others should have second thoughts about taking anything said by him seriously.

You just can’t go around saying [for example] your favourite OS is the greatest and the rest is crap. [Some could say if Linux is so great, why does it have just 1.62% of the market share according to Netmarketshare and has barely gained more than 0.6% in over ten years?]


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