The Windows XP Catch-22

Here’s a bit of an odd one.

I was at someone’s house recently. Seems she got notified that Yahoo Mail wouldn’t support Internet Explorer 8 anymore. [I’m guessing they haven’t supported Internet Explorer 7 and before for a while.]

So, that would be normal since Windows XP is not supported by Microsoft but Internet Explorer 8 is also still used on Windows Server 2003 as well could be used on Windows Vista,  Windows Server 2008 and even Windows 7 [RTM]. [Now I didn’t see it say specifically Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP – just Internet Explorer 8.]

The person was already using Safari [ya, I know] on her iPad. So, install it for Windows XP as she would be a bit familiar with it. I could barely find any reference on the Apple web site for it [to install] and ended up going to grab a copy from a shareware site.

Installed and then went to Yahoo Mail. Same message. Unsupported browser. As this is the latest I could find for Windows XP [version 5.1], I guess Apple gave up on Safari for Windows.

So, down to two major browsers. Firefox and Google’s Chrome. I asked, she had no opinion. I suggested Firefox. Chrome is too buggy in my opinion.

So if you are still running Windows XP, you may see issues like this appear as well.

A reminder that while support for Windows XP has died, some software will still be supported at least until July 2015 – but will vary by the developer.  After July 2015, it will get even harder to get updates or things to work.

PS – Google’s Gmail had dropped Internet Explorer 8 long ago. If they keep their support policy of supporting the current [IE11] and previous [IE10] version, then Internet explorer 9 isn’t supported either. Of course their major version numbering changes within a couple of months.


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