The down side of using a free account

Some people ask whether it is better to use a free account like Hotmail or Gmail for your Email or one provided by your Internet Service Provider [ISP].

This is a toss-up but here is a story.

Someone I know was having password problems. Many of the free accounts have the feature to provide an alternative address or phone number in case you have an account issue. Obviously the most common issue is with passwords.This was the case with that person. A password problem. When she tried to use the recovery option, the Email address in the account was non-existent. It is like having the Email account Unlikely you would actually have that as an account [maybe unless you had it as Gmail started up].

So recovery by Email was useless.

She also had her cell phone number but for whatever reason the additional information needed to recover was incorrect.

So what do you do? Call them? Good luck. If you search by the phrase “contact support”, you will get ads at the top and they may want up to $200. If you go through the Microsoft support site, you get the run around. Gmail support isn’t much better.

The alternative to a free account is one provided by your ISP. It is also free and most allow up to five accounts. If you have any issues, you can contact them by phone directly – and it won’t cost you anything [although good luck in getting any reliable support if you have Bell in Canada].

Your ISP will generally also have better spam protection. They all have web based interfaces if you decide to use them.

Interesting to note that Bell Canada [Sympatico] mail uses the same engine as


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