Some Canadians aren’t happy with Lenovo Canada

Last Friday [May 23rd], Lenovo Canada had an amazing deal on an IdeaPad Core i7 laptop. Something like 70% off the regular price – or $279 before taxes with free shipping.

I think most knew that the price was an error and yet for many hours, the price was there. I had even placed an order for one. At that price, why not. Mine was placed about 3 pm that afternoon.

I had forwarded the link to a few friends who also tried to order. One came back to me in the evening saying he ordered one and then it was canceled because of a pricing error. But the site was still advertising the laptop at $279 until late Friday evening. The site said the laptop was in stock.

I had a bit of hope because I never received any Email….. Until the following morning. They would not honor the price.

I called up that Saturday afternoon and was told that “upper management” would decide on Tuesday what to do [as Monday was a US holiday].

On Tuesday afternoon at around 1 pm, Lenovo decided they wouldn’t honor the orders but instead offered $100 off the next purchase [after all other discounts]. But, need to be purchased before mid-August. That’s about 10 weeks away.

Wow! $100 off instead of the original $600 off. [The original price was something like $879 before the door crasher price of $600 even thought it was already discounted about $500.]

Now I live in Quebec. Quebec has the equivalent consumer rights as California has for gas emissions [when California has a new gas emission standard, eventually everyone follows]. Part of Quebec’s Consumer Protection act states that if there is a web price error the consumer must get it at that price if the ordered placed …. unless the price was in error – technically it is because I don’t think anyone would give a laptop over $1000 off the regular price!

Complaints have been sent to the Canadian consumer protection office [and I’m sure the Quebec equivalent].

Meanwhile just about every major news site in Canada has a story on the error – some calling it “LenovoGate”. has a petition of at [last I looked] around 5000 signed people. The matter also has been mentioned in radio talk shows.

In any case, some are calling this a big public relations nightmare.

I wouldn’t mind a laptop at that price [who wouldn’t?] but not in a rush to get one otherwise – especially at $100 off for a limited time. So if Lenovo changes their mind [or forced by some regulations or whatever] then fine. If not, who cares.


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