Recent Internet Explorer started a bit of a controversy

There was a bit of controversy when Microsoft decided to release an update for Internet Explorer [MS14-021] running on Windows XP systems even though Microsoft had announced long ago that the last updates for Windows XP would be released in April. This update came on May 1st.

Problem is that the vulnerability was so huge that the US Department of Homeland Security announced that people should stop using Internet Explorer – not just for Windows XP but all versions – until Microsoft releases an update to correct a problem.

So Microsoft decided that if an update was going out, it was better off to release for Windows XP as well.

Some argue that if Microsoft released this update some people will expect that Microsoft will release further updates to Windows XP. [And of course a minority who said that Microsoft has lied to them.]

Others gave kudos to Microsoft for releasing the update. Better to protect people especially if somewhere around a quarter of computer users are still using Windows XP.

Meanwhile, as Windows XP isn’t supported, expect other web browsers to take advantage of the situation.

[Unfortunately for Microsoft they still need to support Internet Explorer 6 as it is still supported as part of Windows Server 2003 support for about another year.]


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