Changing power policies for the work week

One option for [recent] Windows users is to adjust power settings during different times of the day and week. For example, you may want normal power settings when not at work, but at work you may want to have different settings applied – such as those who don’t want power save mode to be envoked during a presentation.

Probably the best way is to use the Group Policy Preferences [GPO]capability that allows Power Options to be configured, then use the item-level targeting configured to include the day and times when the policy applies.

At a high level GPO, perform the following:

  1. Edit a GPO linked to the OU whose users will need the multiple policies applied.
  2. Drill down to User Configuration, then Preferences, then Control Panel Settings, and then Power Options.
  3. Create a new power plan. Set the plan with the typical sleep options such as sleep after 20 minutes. Save the policy and rename the policy to Standard Power Plan [or whatever you decide].
  4. Create another new power plan. Set the plan with sleep options that you want during the day time [for example]. Save the policy and then rename the policy to something like Work Power Plan [or whatever you choose].
  5. Make the Work Power Plan number 1 in the list using the Move Up action.
  6. Then edit the properties of the Work Power Plan. Select the Common tab and check Item-level targeting and click the Targeting… button.
  7. Add a collection via the Add Collection action, which will now contain the rules related to days of the week and time.
  8. Click New Item. Select Date Match and then set to Weekly with the day set to Monday. Drag the new item to be a sub-item under the this collection is true item.
  9. Then select the day of the week rule for Monday. Copy and paste it four times and change the copies to be named Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  10. For each item, and press F6 to change the logic from AND to OR.
  11. Click New Item and select Time Range where you will set the work hours to your choosing such as 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.
  12. Click on the OK to all dialog boxes to save the new policy.

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