Settling patent infringments or is it extortion

Microsoft has settled a patent dispute related to Android as well as the Chrome OS with Motorola Solutions [this is not Motorola Mobility which was bought by Google for its patents and then sold to Lenovo recently].

As usual, Microsoft has not disclosed any payments or what was the issue with the infringement although some think it is related to the use of FAT32 technology in removable media cards and the like.

This is one of over twenty companies that have settled with Microsoft over the past number of years regarding [I will assume to be] the same infringement. Other settled include Amazon, Dell, HTC, and Samsung.

Now it is funny that when I read the various blogs you have some who call this extortion or similar.

Here’s a scenario I always the “extortionist” camp: You are the owner [or CEO] of a major Fortune 500 company. You spent $100 million on developing this new technology that will revolutionize the basket weaving business. Are you about to give the technology away for free? I don’t think so [and if you do, you are probably an idiot who shouldn’t be running the company].

If you are settling with Microsoft [in this case], it means that you know you have done something [that is potentially] illegally.

Some still think Microsoft is this huge company with clout. Microsoft has lost some of its clout. Now it is either Apple or Google. I wonder how many of those who suggested extortion would be saying the same comments if it was either Google or Apple.

The fact that 20+ companies have signed deals with Microsoft shows that they are right. Can 20+ companies were extorted by Microsoft? If so, their shareholders would not like it.


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