How to check for the Heartbleed vulnerability

If you are looking to see if your favorite web sites may have the Heartbleed vulnerability, try this web page.

Note: You don’t have to test web sites where you don’t log into [such as unless you are using Gmail, Google+, etc.]. Almost all Microsoft sites such as the main web site, Hotmail/ and Skype and unaffected as they are using Windows servers. Windows servers do not use OpenSSL.

Be warned that scams have started already concerning the Heartbleed vulnerability.

First, there is no update for any version of Windows because Windows doesn’t have the problem by default [as previously mentioned].  You would need to be running a web site – and even then.

Already, any Apple iOS device with AnyConnect could have an issue. Same for Juniper Pulse (for business remote access).

If you receive an unexpected Email addressed to you by Email addess only and not by your name, be weary of the message. When in doubt, contact the place/company directly and not by any information in the Email.  And of course, don’t click on any link.

Only once when the site has been fixed should you change your password – not before!


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