Goodbye Windows XP

Well, today is the end of Windows XP [some originally gave it a nickname of Windows 2002].

I won’t go over again what I said before about what will happen because I have mentioned the implications before.

What I will say is that it was at one point the best-selling as well as most widely used operating systems over.

It was a huge leap compared to its predecessor, Windows 2000 [although Windows 2000 wasn’t so bad on its own].

I had actually waited a half a year to install Windows XP even though I had a promo copy lying around [don’t remember how I got it – must have been some seminar].

At work, we were using Windows 2000. So there was no rush to switch to Windows XP. [The company at the time was just finally migrating to Windows 2000 from Windows NT 4.0. Good riddance on the latter.]

But when I switched, I was a happy camper. Initially I used the “classic” Start menu [i.e. what you saw in Windows 2000 and the Windows 9x versions prior] and only switched to the Windows XP menu maybe a year later.

I was a regular Windows XP user for maybe 6-7 years. I had then jumped to Windows Vista [ya, I know] in 2009 but dual booting with Windows XP for 9 months.

After the 9 months I had dual booted between Windows 7 and Windows XP on a new system. About 3 months ago, when I built my current system, Windows XP was dropped, except in a virtual machine.

Through the four years of dual booting Windows 7 and Windows XP, I spent more time updating the system once a month than anything else. No point in continuing to have it, especially when the end is near.

Anyways, Windows XP, it was nice knowing you. Have a good time in retirement in Florida where you can retire in the sun and talk about the old days with Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0 and the others – and even Windows Me.


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