The return of the Start menu and free Windows coming soon

At Microsoft’s annual Build 2014 conference – a conference primarily for developers – Microsoft made a few important announcements.

One of the two big announcements is that the beloved Start menu will return to Windows, according to Terry Myerson, the Executive Vice President of the operating system group.

The problem is that his when he said the update would be in “the next iteration of Windows” it is unsure if he meant that it would return in Windows 9 [more likely] or a possible “Update 2” to Windows 8.1 [less likely]. “Update 1” was released in April.

The second big announcement is that Windows across all platforms will be free if installed on a device of 9 inches or less as well as on “Internet of Things” devices. Some are wondering on how they will be able to verify the size screen and whether or not end-users can install the OS for free.

I am guessing like offering the OS at a cheap price to OEMs announced recently [if the device is under $250], the same will hold for the free version. You obviously don’t want the end user to get a copy of Windows for free and then install it on their Core i7 desktop that definitely doesn’t have a screen size of less than 9 inches. [Can a version of Windows detect your screen size?]

Myerson also told Build attendees that Microsoft plans to allow developers to build “Universal Apps” that will work across Windows Phone, Windows and Xbox devices.


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