One week left!

Well, it is a week away from the end of support for Windows XP [as well as Office 2003]. Many companies have switched over by now completely to Windows 7 or later. Others have not.

For example I know of a company that has switch its main office to Windows 7 but the small office scattered around multiple jurisdictions mostly haven’t been updated. Part of their problem is how to migrate say an office of 10 in a more of a remote location They estimate that maybe 40% of the company will still be using Windows XP for the next number of months.

Even the US government estimates that maybe 10% of government computers are still running Windows XP. On one hand they say that some of them are not on the network [or are somehow isolated]. On the other hand, some experts believe it is a lot more than 10% but the government can’t divulge officially.

Even the US government’s United States Computer Emergency Response Team [or CERT] – a part of the Department of Homeland Security – has listed Windows XP and Office 2003 a “problem”.


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