Two weeks left…. until XP armageddon

Well, we are now down to two weeks left of support for arguably the best operating system to come out [OK, maybe Windows 7 has taken over that mantle – but surely not Windows 8!].

In case you were on vacation on Mars or maybe at the International Space Station, Windows XP support finally dies in two weeks.

If you recall, Windows XP support was extended by Microsoft about over 3 years ago. At that time, Windows 7 was picking up steam and Windows Vista was tanking. That put Microsoft in a pickle.  So, Microsoft came to a decision to extend the life of Windows XP extended support by 3 years.

[A reminder that extended support means just mostly security updates with the rare non-security update will be issued during this phase – usually begins in year 6 of the life of the operating system or application. There are no service packs, no major updates or add-ons to the product. This was a reason why Windows XP stopped at Internet Explorer 8 among other updates.]

Now that Windows XP is on the final two weeks of its life, here are some facts:

  • Windows XP will not time bomb. It will work indefinitely [some people believe otherwise].
  • You do risk in the increasing possibility of having an infected system as malware writers will aim at vulnerabilities that Microsoft won’t be fixing. Some are saying that it could be a computer “armageddon” for those using Windows XP.
  • Windows XP updates [well most of them] should still be on the Microsoft web site.
  • Knowledge base articles will still be on the TechNet web site.
  • Microsoft’s Security Essentials will still have definitions available for Windows XP at least until July 2015 [that said, even after, you may be able to manually update them].
  • Microsoft and third party applications may be “locked” so that it will tell you that the minimum system requirements won’t include Windows XP.
  • Third party development for drivers, applications, etc. will most likely cease to continue. Support for those applications will probably drop as well [limiting you to whatever their support site has to offer]. There will be some exceptions.
  • Third party software with subscriptions [think paid anti-virus software and the like] will continue at least until your subscription expires. Contact the developer for verification.
  • If a peripheral on your Windows XP system dies [say a printer], unless you find an older model that’s been sitting around, you may not be able to use it.
  • Some ATM machines are using a special version of Windows XP. Unlike the retail/OEM version, this is a version that will still be supported for at least two more years. Even then, the ATM manufacturers are switching over to a special Windows 7 version. Updates from the ATRM version won’t work on your copy of Windows XP.
  • Your Internet Service Provider may not support Windows XP immediately or at one point. Contact them for clarification.

PS – Little has been said, but Office 2003 support also dies on the same day. Not as critical… but still.


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