Customizing your Microsoft personalized ads

Microsoft has a web site that can allow you to do a bit of customization on how you receive personalized ads from Microsoft on your computer as well as in your Microsoft accounts.

By using this web site you can turn off personalized ads if you wish for the current web browser and within your account.

Microsoft tries to show you the ads you may be most interested in. These ads may be chosen based on the sites you visit, your online searches, and more. This is the definition of personalized ads.


  • This applies only for your Microsoft accounts such as Hotmail,, etc. Doesn’t apply to Gmail, Yahoo mail, etc.
  • You must log in and apply the Personalized ads wherever I use my Microsoft account option to each Microsoft account by logging into that account from the link on the page above.
  •  You must use the Personalized ads in this browser for every web browser that you use [i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.]. You don’t need to log in for this part. This also must be applied for other computers with their web browsers that you use.


Getting Started

Click on the link.

pers-ads1 Click on the Sign In on the right as above.


Click on the Choose button as above.


For all web browsers [you don’t have to be logged in for this part], click on the X button to the right of Personalized ads in this browser.

For each Microsoft account [you must be logged in for this part], click on the X button to the right of . If you have other Microsoft accounts, log off and then repeat the steps at the top.



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