More on the Ukranian crisis

So the citizens of Crimea are going to vote in a referendum this Sunday. Many of the countries around the world have already denounced it as it is skewed – let alone not enough proper time to properly hold it.

One report states that there are 2.5 million ballots but something like 1.8 million actual votes. Will we see ballot stuffing?

Citizens in Crimea will not actually be able to vote no. Instead, they can vote yes for one of two options: either join the Russian Federation or revert back to Crimea’s 1992 constitution.

The 1992 constitution refers to the Republic of Crimea as a Soviet state and describes it as a sovereign entity that grants Ukraine only such powers as it sees fit.

So basically join the Russia Federation or become a Russian puppet state. No option to stay with the Ukraine.

While ethnic Russians make up 60% of the population, the remainder is divided mostly between Tatars and Ukrainians. So if the final vote sees a huge majority for either of the two options, then there is something definitely wrong.

Note that most countries with separatism issues have laws that state that unilateral succession isn’t allowed but some type of negotiation has to be worked out.

In this case, it will be unilateral succession. Even worse, the future puppet master has invaded the region [i.e. a bit of forced persuasion].



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