More on the Ukranian-Russian crisis

So Russia is still claiming they have the right to send in troops into the Crimea from some agreement signed with the Ukraine.

They are claiming the current [interim] president shouldn’t be there because of the way the exiled president Viktor Yanukovych was thrown out. [Even still Russia says that Yanukovych shouldn’t be president]. They accept those who are elected in the Ukrainian government. But those same elected officials voted the interim president in as interim president. So if Russia accepts the officials, then by extension they must accept the interim president.

Meanwhile, the Russians also claim that they entered Ukraine to defend ethic Russians because Russia claimed they were threatened. There has been no actual reports that ethnic Russians were killed or injured.

This would be like China saying it will invade Canada because it believes those of Chinese descent are being threatened in some way. [By extension, Italy could do the same for anyone under the Roman empire.]


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2 Responses to More on the Ukranian-Russian crisis

  1. peteybee says:

    we paid a cool $5 billion in organization-building and support over the last few years for the Maidan revolutionary’s to throw out Putin’s puppet and put in our puppets. They’re both puppet governments with a foreign agenda. (Some are bankers, some are boxers, some are neo-nazis, but what they have in common is that we brought them together so that they could win!). Our Victoria Nuland is on tape talking about this.

    I really wish everyone would stop pretending otherwise.

    Furthermore, Putin is acting in accordance with the new international law established by Presidential Bush:

    I understand that it is strange to have our enemy follow in our footsteps, but this really should be a warning sign. Not that the last 10 years weren’t full of warning signs already. But this is a particularly clear one.

  2. ebraiter says:

    Interesting to note that some believe Russia entered Ukraine because Putin didn’t want the Ukraine to join NATO or the EU. In 2010, the Ukraine was considering in joining one or both but as soon as Yanukovych was elected, he was most likely told by his puppet master Putin to cancel the plans.

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