Another dictator want to be on the run

Not really surprised. Any time a dictator [or one who isn’t but acts like one] has his political life threatened, he right away blames the extremists.

First [well not really] is Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and now we have former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych doing the same.

Before running to Russia, Yanukovych was elected but also a Russian backed. But now on the run [and at one point in a sanitarium of all places!], he has now changed his stance a bit. See, his puppet masters, the Russians, have decided that he poorly handled the situation in the Ukraine and hasn’t been well received in Russia.

His new stance? He is now blaming the west for all his troubles. Interesting, since it was Ukrainian people who pushed Yanukovych out of office.

Meanwhile, now that Yanukovych is gone, his presidential palace is now opened up to the public and they have seen the excesses of his presidency. Many rare and expensive cars, huge estate, man-made lake, rooms made of gold and marble, manicured lawns. You get the idea.

Meanwhile, we have the Russians who decided to invade Ukrainian territory of Crimea claiming that Russians living in the Ukraine have been threatened – but by whom? Crimea includes the Russian naval base on the Black Sea [leased to the Russians for another 28 years].

Majority of the world [well those that are not allied or paid by the Russians] have come to Ukraine’s defense and have told Russian President [for life and almost dictator] Vladimir Putin to leave the Ukraine.

Russia itself wants a couple billion dollars that Ukraine owes them for a deal signed by Yanukovych that obviously went wrong. Ukraine itself is in financial trouble since this mess started.



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