Movie industry needs to fix itself

You sometimes wonder about the movie industry [primarily based out of Hollywood]. Price of tickets has been climbing, attendance has flat-lined and more and more videos are ending up on store shelves with just a few months after their premiere in the movie theaters.

In the good old days, if a movie opened around the beginning of summer, maybe you would see that movie in the video store by the Christmas season – if lucky.

Now some movies that were just release two months ago will be out on video in a month. Case in point, the movie Wolf of Wall Street. [Aside from the controversies,] It was released around Christmas Day 2013 and will be in stores almost exactly 3 months later.

Meanwhile the price of Blu-ray movies once they hit the stores are still overpriced compared to their DVD counterparts [and yet you can package the movie and extras on one Blu-ray disc but may need two DVDs and sometimes three. [For example the movie American Gangster was on one Blu-ray disc but on three for the “collector’s edition” with the same extras].

A while back I commented about Blu-ray combos – that is the same movie [usually] on Blu-ray and DVD video with the extras usually just on the Blu-ray and sometimes on the DVD. That same DVD or a third disc may contain a version of the movie to be used on a computer, tablet, etc.

Most people don’t need the movie on Blu-ray and DVD [as a video]. If anything this is not good for the movie industries because DVD videos are easier to copy than Blu-rays.

The movie industry is fighting back with a technology called Cinavia. It will probably be on new Blu-ray players as well on new Blu-ray releases [look on the back of the package]. For example, Captain Phillips has the technology.

Cinavia works in two parts in order to protect the movie corporations: the Blu-ray player needs to have Cinavia and the movie must also have it. If either don’t have it, the movie plays like normal. If you try to copy a Cinavia enabled movie, you will get a notification message and will have no audio. Of note regarding who is using Cinavia is Sony. They sell Blu-ray players and are also in the movie business.

There is no software [as far as I know] to remove the technology if you want to copy the movie. Only known workaround is to convert it to a format that can be played in a media player. Oddly, if you watch it from a DLNA network with the movie on a computer on the network and watching through a Cinavia enabled Blu-ray player, the movie will play [at least that’s what I’ve seen].

Like everything else, at one point this will be cracked. In the meantime, if you have a slightly older Blu-ray player don’t upgrade the firmware [especially if Cinavia has been added to the new firmware] or find an unsupported Blu-ray player that works with most of the movies out there.


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