Windows 8.1 spring update coming soon

Microsoft finally acknowledged a worst kept secret: there will be a spring update to Windows 8.1 and Server 20120 R2. The update is expected to be available on all platforms with Windows Phone catching up to some features its cousins already had.

The update for non-touch laptop and desktop users will include more enhancements to improve the interface for those using a mouse. [Personally, I would be happy. Prior to Windows 8, most people knew a handful of shortcut keys and those were really optional. With Windows 8, there were a stack of shortcut keys that needed to reduce potentially a half dozen clicks of the mouse.]

Many of the apps found in the desktop-based Control Panel will now be available as Modern apps.

Users will have the option to pin modern UI apps to the taskbar on the desktop. Right-clicking on Modern apps will sprout context-sensitive menus. Modern apps now have a title bar when you move your mouse up to the top of the screen including options to close and minimize as well as to snap the app left or right.”

Finally, more for enterprise users, Internet Explorer 11 will be enhanced for better compatibility with web sites that were made more for Internet Explorer 8.

Some suggest that even with these enhancements for non-touch users, the chances of a desktop-less Windows 9 is increasing. But without a way for non-Modern apps to work in a desktop-less OS, it will be difficult.


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