Microsoft cuts OEM pricing to Windows 8.1 for low cost devices

Microsoft announced a bit of interesting news. The price for a license of Windows 8.1 [that the manufacturer pays for] on any device that sells for under $250 [that means, desktop, laptop, phones or tablet] has dropped from roughly $50 to $15.

You can still find the odd netbook with Windows around but probably not with windows 8.x. Now with the drop of the OEM pricing to that of Windows 7 a few years back for netbooks, it is possible that Windows on a netbook could make a comeback.

Since Microsoft’s insistence about the processor, memory a disk sizes with netbooks aren’t part of the Windows 8.1 requirements, the chances improves. Hardware makers won’t need to undergo a Windows logo certification process.

Microsoft is doing this at least partially because Chromebooks [that’s Google’s lack of features mostly Internet-only based operating system on a low end laptop or desktop] have picked up a small chunk of the market that use to be ruled by Windows based netbooks.

While this is not what some [in your dreams] bloggers dreamt about [i.e. give away Windows for free – ya and pigs will fly then], it does go part of the way. I guess if you can afford a $700 laptop, you can afford to pay an extra $35 for the operating system.

What wasn’t mentioned is what variation of Windows 8.1 will be installed. Will it be the same as other Windows 8.1 systems? Will Microsoft bring back the “Starter” edition? Hopefully not Windows RT!

If you remember from previous blogs, I still have my nearly 4 year old netbook. Still working quite well with a Windows 7 [with Office 2010] and Windows 8.1 [with Office 2013] dual boot when I maxed out the memory [2GB total] and installed a SSD drive. Boot up time as well as application loading is quite fast [faster than some full-fledged desktops and laptops I’ve seen] with just a bit of lack of horsepower as the bottleneck.


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