Samsung to release Galaxy S5 in mid-April

Expect Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, to be released in 150 countries on April 11th.

It will offer an ultra-power-saving mode, improved battery life, and better WiFi support. It will also have a dimpled backing and a slightly larger screen than the current flagship, the S4.

It will also have biometrics [i.e. finger print scanner] to unlock the phone and maybe authorize purchases made on Google Play and the Samsung app store. The scanner will be integrated into the home button. [Hmmm. I’m wonder if Apple’s lawyers are already checking some laws on that.]

The camera on the Galaxy S5 will support up to 16 megapixel still photos and allow recording of ultra-high-definition video [3840*2160] if reports are true. Also included is the latest Android version out [as now required by Google] which means 4.4 unless 5.0 gets released by then as well as a download booster that combines the LTE signal with WiFi to download files faster.

If you are into running, the smartphone will also offer a new Gear Fit accessory to monitor heart rate and act as a pedometer.

Expect the Galaxy S5 to strengthen Samsung’s hold as the leading phone manufacturer as well as the Galaxy series will take over from Apple’s iPhone as the leading brand.


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