Obama hampered by the Republicans

So President Obama had his big State of the Union address last night on most major US TV channels [why not CW and the others] and on many non-US news channels as well.

He decided that since the Republican controlled House only accepted 2 of 41 legislative initiatives [one was to stop the government shutdown], he will push his own unilateral actions with the first being to increase the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour for employees of federal contractors.

Would you believe the Republican did not want any increase and in fact some suggested lowering the minimum wage to just $3. The Republicans say that an increase in minimum wage would result in job loses. The old minimum wage has been below the poverty line since 2008. [Do the Republicans like having citizens in poverty?]

Obama may also push for some type of amnesty for illegal immigrants – maybe not full citizenship but something more official to the estimated 11 million illegal workers who do jobs that some Americans don’t want to do. That includes agriculture pickers, construction workers, etc. Republicans are against the plan.

Obama’s approval rating has dropped 11% since the previous State of the Union address. That is better than Congress at 13% and Republicans at 24%.

So while the Republicans are hampering Obama’s efforts to run an effective government, they are actually shooting themselves in the foot by doing so. It is their plan to cause legislative problems and at election time say Obama was ineffective. Of course he was ineffective – the Republicans blocked 95% of the initiatives.

Obama tried to push gun control and tax reform but the former was blocked primarily by the Tea Party elements and the National Rifle Association – this even after major gun shooting events called for more gun control. Just last week there was at least one major shooting incident each day of the week.

The biggest problem with the US political system is if the President does not have at least a slight majority in the House and the Senate, nothing can be properly passed.

Those who voted Democrats out of office in the previous elections are probably having second thoughts now.

[And why is it the Republican Party has a sub-party, the Tea Party?]



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