When technical support stinks

Never trust technical support.

Someone I know was expecting an Email but never received it. She is the typical Internet home user. Surf the Internet, Skype and Emails.

She contacted Google [somehow] because she uses Gmail. Unsure what – if anything – they based the fact the Email hasn’t shown up that she had some type of Trojan. This would be the reason that an Email is blocking web based mail from arriving on her computer? [She is using their website – not Windows Live Mail or whatever.]

Next she contacted her ISP. She must have described the symptoms because they said she also had a Trojan on her system. Now except for bandwidth and traffic testing, unsure if they ever did get into the computer. [I didn’t mention who they are but they don’t have the brightest people working for them anyways. As a hint of who they are, they are quite large in Canada.]

Finally, she uses Avast free edition for her anti-virus. Now I am definitely not a fan of Avast. A few years back, a company I was working at used Avast Pro [centrally managed] version. Would you believe it couldn’t even detect that fake anti-virus software that was all the rage a few years ago when it reported hundreds of malware on a system without even scanning. [The Avast clients were up to date.]

Back to the story. She managed to contact them. I was told they accessed her computer and said her system was infected.

Get this: They wanted $199 to clean up the system. Why? The free version [she was told] may not clean up everything – unlike the paid version.

So basically what is the point of using their software when it won’t even detect all malware – let alone clean them?

So she called me over.

  • I ran Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and it detected nothing.
  • I ran Microsoft’s Autoruns to see if anything fishy is loading up and found nothing.
  • I looked at the Avast quarantine and was empty [you figured it would have found something].
  • I updated Avast to the latest version and ran a full system scan. Nothing.

There has been nothing funny going on with the system. No pop-up messages. No delays.

On the other hand, it is Avast. Maybe it doesn’t detect malware.

[Oh. I had suggested something else but she declined.]

[As well, I sent her an Email and she got it almost immediately.]


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