Reasonable accommodation going the wrong way

There is reasonable accommodation and there is reasonable accommodation. This isn’t.

A Toronto student at York University wants to be excused from course work because his religion [which is not mentioned] prevents him from interacting with women.

To add a bit of strangeness, the course is an online sociology course – not in person. Even though it is an online course, it requires him to interact with other students in person for a mandatory assignment.

The professor of the course said any decision was out of his hands and have the university decided. The university decided to allow the student’s request.

The professor found there was no reason for the student to abstain from interacting with women for the purposes of the course he is enrolled in after checking with Judaic and Islamic scholars.

After discussing with the student and personally denying the student’s requrst, the student caved in – even though the dean agreed.

All this being said, how the student is expected to take course [even online] if there is a possibility that the student will have to interact with women.

He’s taking a course in sociology – a field where interaction with women is just about guaranteed. If he was taking a course in [say] web site development, which could be different.


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