Windows XP – 3 month countdown begins

Guess what? [OK, you know from the subject line.]

Yes. There are just three months left of support from Microsoft for Windows XP. As noted before, the lack of support will probably also mean the lack of support from third party companies who develop software for windows XP. That means if a new printer comes out in May, good luck on getting Windows XP drivers.

Not just to be nice to Windows XP users, but Google is bucking the trend. They announced that they will [probably] support Google Chrome web browser for at least an extra year. I’m sure part of the reason is to stick it to their [most likely] arch rival, Microsoft.

On the other hand, if you are still using Internet Explorer on April 9th, why would you switch?

In fact, no more updates means also that you won’t have to reboot as often. 🙂

Microsoft still has done just about nothing in publicizing the ending of support. You ask ten non-technical people and you may find just a couple of them who know about the end of support – and they most likely got the news from someone who is technical and not mainstream media.

I would of figured Microsoft would of announced something just prior to the recent holidays – but didn’t.

So when April 9th comes around, your computer will still function – it isn’t time bombed. Third party software will also still work. You probably will get anti-virus definitions until your subscription ends for paid customers, but less likely for free editions.

Your computer will also be more susceptible to malware as software updates that would of normally corrected vulnerabilities won’t be there.

Some are accepting a mini computer armageddon with the possibilities of multiple malware coming out after the end date to take advantage of the lack of security updates.

Oh. If some talk goes around that they will release their own fixes to the operating system’s vulnerabilities, don’t believe them. You need the source code to fix the problems.

[Update 2014/01/10:] Microsoft has confirmed that Microsoft Security Essentials will be pulled from the web site [which is fairly useless because it is probably on other sites anyways] but that definition updates will also stop – which is surprising. I figured they would keep that available for a while longer. But, unless they somehow block it, you could manually update the definitions.


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