Does NSA have backdoor and spyware access to all devices and computers?

If you believe the story, and most [well except the conspiracy and anti-government nuts excluded] people would start to laugh at a story released by Der Spiegel at the end of last year which states that the NSA can access practically any device and computer out there through backdoors and other hacks.

There is a claim that NSA agents intercept brand new devices and computers when ordered and implant spyware onto the device or computer, reseal the package and send it on its way. That would means that either delivery companies have allowed NSA to intercept the packages or the manufacturer has. Quite unbelievable.

“According to internal NSA documents viewed…” So we are taking their word that they somehow were able to view these documents? No mention that the information supposedly came from Edward Snowden.

The article claims that even Huawei, a Chinese company owned by former Chinese army officers, would agree to the claims in the story – let alone who’s who of companies from Microsoft to Apple to Samsung to Cisco. That is one big conspiracy. [Although not owned by the Chinese government, most sure they indirectly control the company.]

The article claims the NSA can even eavesdrop on Blackberry communication – one of the hardest to hack into.

Obviously, any company mentioned in the article [or even if not directly mentioned] have denied that they are involved with the NSA in any spyware, backdoors, etc.


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