Some Skype security and nuisance tips

I’ve seen many people install Skype without looking to see what Skype is giving away – in terms of your information. In addition there are many annoying things or nuisances that can be turned off or adjusted.

I have gone through the Options section of Skype, and compiled a PDF and you can grab it here. The PDF contains suggestions or comments regarding various options in Skype. For example, I tell people to include the option to show you as away if you step away from your computer for longer than 10 minutes [this is on the first page of the PDF].

Feel free to pass it on if you wish [but give me credit]. It has nice pictures as well. 🙂

As I always tell people, it is better to give out less information than more. This applies to any site. If your birth date isn’t required, don’t give it. [And if it is and it isn’t for something “official” like a bank, government, etc then do what I do – add or subtract one from the day, month number and year of your birthday.] Only fill in field that are required.


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