Windows 8.x for free? Don’t count on it

According to analyst firm IHS, Microsoft should make its latest Windows 8.1 operating system free to all Windows users. The analyst claims that Apple is doing it, why can’t Microsoft.

Yes. The OS X 10.9 is free. But where can you install it on? Oh. Just Apple’s hardware. If OS X was installable [legally] on any hardware, this would be different.

Additionally Windows 8.1 improves things and the update [Windows 8.2?] that updates Windows 8.1 is said to bring back the full Start Menu back where it belongs.

I can’t see too many Windows 7 users upgrading. They are happy. Windows Vista users could upgrade but that is a small group.

Windows XP could upgrade but only if they had a decent system. A system built 8+ years ago probably won’t cut it [at least not without a memory upgrade].

As well, Microsoft is a software company while Apple is primarily a hardware company.

Apple has stopped supporting any version older than 10.9.0 [this has opened a huge security hole]. Microsoft has always supported its Windows products [and majority of the rest] for at least 10 years.

[As a minor disclosure (if you haven’t read any of my rants), I really dislike these analysts. Half of the time they make no sense and the other half they are making too many assumptions like if a product’s sales increased 5% in 2012 and 10% in 2013, they assume 15% in 2014, 20% in 2015, etc. Just plain dumb.]


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