Have a Samsung device? Don’t upgrade the OS yet.

Are you using a Samsung device such as a Galaxy S4 [or other recent tablet models]? If so, a word of warning:

Don’t upgrade to Android OS 4.3.

Doing so will also require you to upgrade the syncing software to Kies 3. Problem is that Kies 3 doesn’t include the option to sync anymore – at least not with Windows applications such as Outlook.

There are some discrepancies regarding whether the syncing part will return. I chatted online with someone from Samsung [or works for them] and was told that the syncing option will return.

If so, why was it pulled in the first place?

But if you look at the link, the document says on the second page that the contact syncing has been removed because of a lack of usage. Tell that to the complainers on the Internet.

Samsung also does not warn you that the feature has been removed.

So what do you do?

Well, in the online chat, the guy suggested Android Sync. But that is a paid application. Why pay something now that was included and may be included in the future.

Someone online suggested syncing through Outlook Social Connector – but that means abandoning your non-Outlook.com/Hotmail account or forwarding messages. Messy.

The people who make CompanionLink gave a promotional price – but you are still paying and it sounds like you may be forced to install an application that isn’t needed.

I found an application called MyPhoneExplorer. It’s free and half decent – at least as a temporary workaround. You can find it here. [As usual, use suggestions on the site as your own risk.]

Do you have any suggestions?


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