Are spam filters doing anything?

Over the past little while, I have been looking after a friend’s Emails while she is in the hospital.

Once thing I noticed is that she was getting a heck of a lot of spam.

Her mail provider uses [or Hotmail] for their mail services. So I started to use the mail server’s Manage Rules [under Sweep] to filter out all the spam and other crap that comes in.

Obviously some messages are hard to filter out if the subject line is just “Re” and the name is generic. But I have placed [would you believe] 228 filters on the account already. Yes – 228.

I’ve suggested for an option to export and import the filters in case some people have multiple accounts. No point in typing the same crap over again. Right? I think I will have better luck in winning the lottery before they use that suggestion.

Biggest problem is that you may report a spam message as a phishing scam the first time but when you add a filter related to the message you just filtered, further spam will never be reported. The filters just delete them.

You have to wonder if all the reporting for phishing scams and spam just get tossed out because clearly the filters provided by isn’t doing anything. These are obvious spam messages.


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