Comparing apples and oranges in Canadian politics

In my 400 post [yay!], you’ve seen it in the news. Toronto “mayor” Rob Ford doing his best to lose his job. [Note I used quotes around mayor since in reality he is the major with a title and not much else since the city stripped him of most of his duties and staff recently].

He is a right wing Conservative that supported the federal Conservative party during the last federal election in 2011 [there is even footage of him with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Harper has been known to thank him for his help.].

With Ford’s connections with the federal Conservative party, the Conservative party is trying to distance them from the mess happening in Toronto – and only recently did a federal minister finally suggested that Ford should leave office.

Of an interesting note, the party is trying to deflect criticism by going after Liberal party leader Justin Trudeau [son of the late and great Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau]. Why? Trudeau [the son] admitted that he has smoked marijuana a few months back. Oooooooh. He should be put in prison and the key thrown away! Not.

What is the Conservative party’s reason? Marijuana smoking is just as bad or worse than taking crack cocaine, urinating in public, drunk driving, intoxicated, probably took drugs, swearing, hitting others, lying, having connections with convicts and/or criminals, etc….

So is what Trudeau did was so bad? I don’t think so.

The public may not make the connection of Ford and the Conservative party, but most are starting to see the connection.

Ford himself had a TV show that lasted one episode. It was pre-recorded. Reports say they recorded 5 hours [for a 40 minute show] and took 8 hours to edit. Add to the mess, Ford said he knew his sometimes driver [and also in trouble with the law] for a short time but in a reference letter say he knew the driver for several years. In some TV shows [or news channels] he said he was getting help while he said he isn’t [and doesn’t need to] in others. In one show he said he hasn’t taken anything illegal in over a year but that video of him with the crack cocaine is about 9 months old. This is just a sample.


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