Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 released

Internet Explorer 11 is now available for Microsoft Windows 7 clients in 95 languages at:

•Auto detect:
•Manual download:

This could be the last version Microsoft will allow for Windows 7 before it goes into extended support in under a year from now.

Internet Explorer 11 is already included in Windows 8.1. If you have Windows 8, there won’t be a separate release. You need to upgrade [but it’s free!] to Windows 8.1 to take advantage of Internet Explorer 11.

Of course there will be no Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Vista as it is already in extended support phase [a reminder that Microsoft products in extended support only get for the most part security updates – no new versions].

Of two interesting notes, Microsoft now supports four Internet Explorer versions for Windows 7 – version 8 through 11. Also, until Windows Server 2003 dies, Microsoft will still be supporting 11 versions of Internet Explorer [versions 6 through 11]. Windows XP dies in April 2014 but Windows Server 2003 support will last a bit longer.

The following are pre-requisites. If they aren’t on your system, they will be downloaded before the installation begins:

The update will be pushed out to those running the preview version of Internet Explorer 11 shortly. At one point, it will be available on Windows Update. If you want to block it [in a corporate environment primarily], click here. Note that users can still manually install it from the link at the top.

System requirements include [as per Microsoft’s system requirements page for Internet Explorer 11]:
•Windows 7 with service pack 1
•Internet access
•A mouse 🙂


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