More Conservative scandals

The next federal Canadian election is under two years away. You would need to wonder how the Harper government would do it if was this month.

Of late, there has been scandals upon scandals that have hit the government. Some of them morphing to larger scandals.

Take for instance the three Harper appointed senators. All three have been pushed out of the senate at least until 2015 [when the next election will be called]. No pay or perks but they get to keep their title [for now] plus health benefits.

All three billed the government for items they shouldn’t have. At least one may sue the senate.

There are two bigger questions?

Did Prime Minister Harper know what was going on? Surely his former chief of staff did [he was the scapegoat – so far]. But it turns out at least 13 people in the Prime Minister’s Office [PMO] knew what was going on. How could he not know?

It is his office [PMO]. He is ultimately in charge of the PMO. If a company has a bad quarter financially, who usually is to blame ultimately? The CEO. And yet, he denies he knew anything.

Is this the first step of abolishing the senate? I think more and more Canadians are agreeing to this. I am [in some ways] more of a traditionalist but there has been so much abuse over the years. Not just these three. How about the senator who rarely showed up to the senate to do his job and still got paid like the others?

With the senate unelected and the Harper government constantly throwing in pro-Conservative senators, the senate is basically a puppet of the government. Chance of rejecting a government bill is probably the same chances of the Toronto Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup within the next decade. Nil.


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