OS X Mavericks continues to have problems

The quality control woes continue with Apple [and hardware connected to it]. With the new Mavericks OS [i.e. OS X 10.9] brings another batch of hardware and software issues.

Though not all configurations, those who have it installed it with a 17″ 2010 MacBook Pro model MacBookPro6.1, and an eSATA card is inserted into the ExpressCard slot – no hard drives will mount using the card.

There are some reports where Western Digital and other external HDD products experiencing data loss after upgrading to Apple’s OS X Mavericks using Thunderbolt. Western Digital suggests you remove the WD Drive Manager, WD Raid Manager and WD SmartWare software applications.

Those using Promise Technology’s Pegasus R4 arrays have also reported issues and Apple hasn’t responded at all.

There are also sound issues where some users have reportedly complained that the new OS blocks sound on their MacBooks once resuming from sleep mode. There have also been reports that a background process is taking place that uses up CPU after resuming from sleep.

Apple is working to fix an issue with the Mail client in OS X Mavericks, including problems with Gmail, stability, and smart mailboxes. There have been widespread reports of Mavericks users experiencing problems receiving messages, deleting messages and sorting messages into folders. This has reported to be fixed already.

Some have also experience experienced system crashes where some upon waking, some upon connecting an external disk to back up, some when attempting to use Skype, some by unplugging a USB monitor and others for no apparent reason other than that the CPU was maxxed out on Safari and Mail.

Finally some experienced slow boot ups and shutdowns since the upgrade.

Apple only has to worry about Apple hardware. Windows, Android and Linux are supported on multi-hardware brands. If Apple can’t properly test their own hardware [since Apple really only designs it], then they have a major problem. But at least it is free. 🙂



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