Moving SkyDrive in Windows 8.1

With Windows 8.1, Microsoft SkyDrive is embedded into the file system like just about any other “special” folder like My Documents, My Pictures, etc.

Because of this you can actually move the SkyDrive folder elsewhere, even to a SD card or a USB key [unsure why though].

To actually save to a SD card or USB key, the media must be formatted NTFS.

To change the location, right click on the SkyDrive folder and select Properties. Then click on the Location tab. You can either type in the new location or click on the Move button and find it for yourself.

If using removable media, make sure the new location of SkyDrive is in a sub-folder like f:\skydrive.


Tip within a tip: Want to have all your documents in the cloud? If you move the location of My Documents [or any other folder] into SkyDrive [example: d:\skydrive\my documents], then anything saved [or removed] from My Documents will also be in the cloud.


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