Restoring from Windows XP backup in Windows 8

One thing that has changed over years is the fact that Microsoft loves to change backup software. Way back when, they used software from Seagate Software [which eventually was bought by Symantec]. With Windows Vista, they switched formats.

To get things going, all you need from Windows XP’s Backup Utility is just three files to run: ntbackup.exe, ntmsapi.dll, vssapi.dll

They are located in the c:\windows\system32 folder. Copy them to a folder in Program Files and not to the c:\windows\system32 folder.

When you restore, make sure you restore to a temporary location and not the same folder where the files originated as this will cause problems.

As you begin the¬†restoring, it will pop up with a message that there issue with the Removable Storage Manager. Since it isn’t included with Windows 8, you can click on OK to ignore but the restore will continue.

You will need to “catalog” the BKF file you open in the Tools menu.

Finally after restoring, it will complain about skipped files. The log complains about insufficient privileges on all the files. Yet if you go to your restored folder, they are there.

Note that Windows 7 included an update to restore Windows XP backups (KB974674) and even Windows Vista has an update. As Windows 8 has been out for a year, don’t expect an update if not released by now. [Untested, but if you copy the files from this update, they should work in Windows 8 – but you will need to know what to copy. If you know which, tell me.]

This procedure only works if you are restoring from a hard disk as of Windows 7 there is no tape support [because of the lack of the Removable Storage Manager].


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