How to trim the WinSXS folder in Windows 7

As I mentioned in a previous blog, KB2852386 has been released by Microsoft this past Patch Tuesday with an updated Disk Cleanup.

What is special with this Disk Cleanup is that it has the added feature of removing old backups of the security and non-security updates in Windows 7.

While with the large hard disks out there now, this probably isn’t an issue.

On the other hand, “cleaning” out the old updates probably results in a cleaner or healthier system.

You must reboot your system prior to running the new Disk Cleanup [even though it doesn’t ask you].

But there is a small trick to removing them. Once you are in Disk Cleanup, you need to click on the Clean up system files button which will close and re-open Disk Cleanup. This time you will see the Windows Update Cleanup in the list.

Depending on what you have installed [such as installing hotfixes that have to be requested], you will probably end up with at least 500mb. If you like to install hotfixes, then it could exceed 4GB.

Once you select what to delete, Disk Cleanup gives you no prompt it has been done. It just closes.

When you do a shutdown or a restart, the first phase of the update cleaning begin. This part looks exactly like a normal Windows update.

When you get back into Windows, like an update, it will continue except it will say “Clean up” with a period moving around.

A word of caution. Like the Windows 8 version, Once the cleanup is done, you can’t go back or remove an update.

Do not expect a Windows Vista version as it is in extended support.


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