Google extend Chrome’s support for Windows XP

In another sign that Google likes to go against or bend the rules, Google has announced that their Chrome browser [and I will assume their other products] will continue to be supported for Windows XP at least until April 2015.

This will mean, Google will support one of the very few products after Microsoft will pull the life support of Windows XP.

It is sort of a tradition for any discontinued operating system [or even a major update such as a service pack] that once the developer stops supporting the operating system, so does the third party developers. So for example, in April we expect to see Adobe drop support for Windows XP completely for Flash player, Adobe Reader [any version], etc. Same for Oracle’s Java plugin for Windows XP [good riddance!], iTunes with Windows XP support, etc.

[This doesn’t mean that the applications won’t work as of April 2014. Just that good luck if you have a problem or there is a security issue. In fact, some may still install after April 2014 with newer versions. In some cases, tinkering in compatibility mode may work.]

I am wondering in a few years when Vista dies will Google extend support for Chrome on Vista.


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