Watch out for the crackpot from the North

Unsure if you heard about this one.

Current dictator for life/despot of North Korea has been making plenty of noise since he took over as chief nutcase of North Korea. He put the world on alert with his ramblings about nuking various countries [of course the US at the top of the list even though a missile from North Korea can’t hit the US]. Even [fairly] friendly countries to North Korea [and there are very few] such as China were dumb struck.

Now the word is out that 12 North Korea were executed in August by machine gun for supposedly violating laws against pornography.

What is interesting is that included in the twelve is dictator Kim Jong Un’s ex-lover, who was part of the same “patriotic” band as Kim Jung Un’s wife. Most of the band [which includes singers, dancers and musicians] itself was also executed as well as another band.

They were also found to have bibles and treated as political dissidents. Some others believe that Kim Jung Un’s ex-lover and others were executed because they may be supporting a rival faction in North Korean politics.

Family members of those who were executed were forced to watch the executions before they themselves were sent off to labour camps.

It seems Kim Jung Un’s father, Kim Jung Il, disapproved of the relationship with his ex-lover [they met about ten years ago] and Kim Jung Un’s wife may have pressured him to get rid of her to make sure she had him to herself. Nice.

It is up there as some of the nastiest things he has done such as dumped his step-mother from her post as senior officer in a party department or executed a vice-minister of the army by blowing him up with a mortar so that no trace of the vice-minister would be found. The vice-minister was reportedly drinking as well as “carousing” during the official mourning period of Kim Jong Il.

This is reminding me of Cambodia all over again.


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