Warning about fake Adobe Flash Player updates

A phony update for Adobe’s Flash Player serves spam advertisements to users who fall prey to its lure. Users are told that must install the update to view certain videos. Some of the advertisements are pornographic, and others are capable of replacing legitimate advertisements. The phony update has been spotted on websites aimed at children. It injects ads into every page visited. Users are advised to check their browser extensions.

It will be very rare when your Flash Player is actually outdated on a web site that requires you to get an updated version if you keep it even close to the latest version. If you update your Flash Player [see below] or you know what you have is the latest [see below], then the update message shown is phony.

* For your information:

If you want to verify [at any time] that you have the latest version, click here.

The page will detect what version you have installed versus what is the latest.

If your copy isn’t the latest, click here. Follow the directions. Uncheck the option to install Google Chrome web browser unless you want it.

Flash Player is used to view videos on many cites including most news sites as well as YouTube and others. It is also used to add some “creativity” and features to various web sites.



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