End of the world in April?

With the support demise of Windows XP coming in about 7 months, Microsoft has decided that instead of try to get consumers [and some businesses] off Windows XP, they would prefer to use the end of the world scenario.

In this case, what would happen if your Windows XP computers aren’t patched correctly.

To me, they probably should have gone a different route.

First, have you seen in any magazine [other than computer related] or non-technical web sites that Microsoft has advertised that Windows XP support is dying? I haven’t.

Second, they need to include incentives to get Windows XP users off that OS – whether they switch to Windows 7 or Windows 8, who cares.

Why is Microsoft doing this? Because they [and some others] have figured that malware writers who discover vulnerabilities in Windows XP will only take advantage of using the vulnerability after April 2014.

Well, yes. This is a possible scenario [and if the malware writers didn’t think of it before, they are thinking now!].

The infection rate of a fully patched Windows XP system is about 2.5 times more than Windows Vista or Windows 7 and about 15 times more that of Windows 8. [Note: If you exclude 64-bit systems, the rate is even higher.]

Of course some of us remember the “Y2K” disaster that for the most part never materialized. The difference is that this one will last almost forever.

Remember that once Windows XP support dies, expect no further updates for applications as well. For something like anti-virus software, expect definition updates but not much else. For printers, webcams and other hardware, you will need to hunt for an older model as new models will not include software for Windows XP.

[Note: I have mentioned before that some people could actually still be using a computer they bought 10 years ago for maybe $600. At $60 a year, that’s considered quite cheap.]


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