More city headaches

Seems like living in Montreal brings out some of the craziest stories. A couple of days ago, two stories were attention grabbers.

First a sink hole developed on a major downtown street. It was supposedly caused by a leak in the water aquaduct. You can see a picture here.

Montreal is a very old city. There are still pipes that are in excess of 100 years old. Some estimate that up to 40% of clean water is lost because of cracked pipes.

Add to the fact that the city is on an island [a dormant volcano at that], with underground subway, underground highway, underground trains and even an underground “city” [mostly tunnels and shops linking major buildings], it isn’t surprised that things are cracking up.

The second story will also make your head turn. A woman and her toddler, coming out of a hospital at 10pm [they were at the hospital for 5 hours with the toddler having an infection], wanted to take the bus home.

The report said that all she had was a $5 [well, smallest bill]. The bus driver refused it. She stayed on the bus. While the bus driver didn’t say he notified the transport system’s security, shortly after security did arrive and handed her a $219 ticket for failure to pay the bus fare.

As some commented, any decent bus driver would either accept the $5 as is or just let them on for free. The fact that security showed up makes you want to say “Hmmmmm”. Also surprised that no one on the bus offered to pay the fare. Passengers have seen others get on with a warning when no exact fare.


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