The end [of Windows XP] is coming

In 8 months from now, it will be the end of an era – well for most. What is happening then? The end of Windows XP.

Something like 500 million [yes million!] systems may still be running Windows XP. According to, 37% of Windows based computers are using Windows and that is a drop of around 2.5% since January 2013. At that rate, it may take decades to get it under 5%.

There are a few issues why the migration from Windows Xp hasn’t sped up:

  • Some users [mostly individuals] don’t know the end is near.
  • Some users know but don’t care or may wait until the last moment.
  • Some users don’t like Windows 8’s interface [do you blame the?].
  • Some users can’t afford the upgrade.
  • Some companies can’t afford upgrading.
  • Some companies have legacy applications that won’t work with newer versions of Windows.

Here are a few solutions to the above:

  • Spread the word about the end of Windows XP. Very surprised Microsoft hasn’t started any marketing campaign by now.
  • Waiting to the last moment may limit your choice. Windows 7 is still offered but mostly online and who knows how long Windows 7 will be allowed to be sold.
  • Can’t blame the fact that Windows 8 hasn’t been a big seller, partially because of the “modern” interface. The upcoming Windows 8.1 will help a bit but to a point.
  • Yes. Some people can’t afford to upgrading, put it is also a long term investment. If you bought a Windows XP system 10 years ago, you may have spent $600 for it – or just $60 a year. That isn’t too bad. A new system with Windows 7 could be upgraded to Windows 8.x [similar hardware requirements] and probably even the next version after.
  • A company can’t afford? Did they see the writing on the wall? If you are in certain industries, those companies could lose certification by running an unsupported operating system [PCI DSS is one].
  • So a company has legacy applications. It was still plenty of time [even when Vista came out] to make plans to move away from the legacy applications. Yes, some may not exist anymore but there are replacements [I’m sure].

Can you run Windows XP after April 2014? Sure. Windows XP is not time-bombed. [Some people who claim to be computer professionals actually thought that Windows XP won’t run after April 2014. Dingbats.]

Will there be problems after April 2014? Probably some. As Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP, so will others. For example, future versions from Adobe’s applications will not install on Windows XP.

There are also security issues. No more security updates from Microsoft. No more java of Flash Player updates [well most likely], etc.

Probably the best solution for Windows XP if something is really necessary on it [a legacy application] is to block it from Internet access. Not a full proof solution, but it helps.

Note that Windows Server 2003 will cease to be supported in April 2015 [not 2014].


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