The world of smartphones

Google surveyed 1,000 Canadians recently and released some odd and obvious results.

To start with, the number of Canadians using a smartphone increased 23% in a year [now at 56%].

In an odd one, 80% don’t leave home without their mobile device. This is actually a bit odd because most people I know would grab their purse [if a female] or their wallet, keys and phone [if a male] as they walk out. Unsure why someone would leave their phone home. Can’t be contacted or contact someone.

In another odd one, just two-thirds actually use their phone every day during the past week of the survey. I guess it would depend if you have a smart phone or not. With a smart phone you can also check mail, text message, surf the Internet. Without a smart phone, the options are limited. So less chances of getting a phone call, text, etc.

About 35 per cent said they’d become so reliant on mobile connectivity that they’d give up TV before having to part with their smartphone.

About 78 per cent of the smartphone users said they connected to social media with their device and 52 per cent said they logged on daily.

About 75 per cent said they had streamed video on their small screen and almost one in five said they did it daily.

The average smartphone user had 30 apps installed on their device and had used an average of 12 in the past month. They had paid for an average of eight apps.

Just over one in four smartphone users had made an online purchase with their device. Of those users, about half had made a purchase in the past month and the same number said they shopped on their phone at least once a month.

About 77 per cent said they had searched for a product or business on their phone, and 27 per cent said they changed their mind about a purchase in a store after completing a mobile search.


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