The Edward Snowden Dilemma

So fugitive Edward Snowden is supposedly still stuck in no man’s land at a Russian airport for over a month now.

Three countries have offered to take him in – all of them not fans of the United States – but as the US have revoked his passport and Russia doesn’t want to complicated things any further.

On top of that any flight which may fly over the US or a US friendly country would probably be detoured and Snowden pulled off and sent to the US to face his charges.

Now Snowden has in his possession what the media says is four laptops full of secret information about the US spying against enemies of the US and even friendly nations.

Snowden has recently released another batch of secret documents. I guess he’s trying to push to speed up things.

Let’s say Snowden did end up in another country. He will surely be almost in a house arrest for the host country to milk the information he has but also to keep him alive.

But at one point his hosts may decide to toss him like a piece of garbage because he has outlived his usefulness or maybe tired of protecting him.

I may have read to many spy novels or spy movies [OK, maybe too many James Bond movies] as I would not be surprised if some secret military agency of the US will at one point find and terminate him. Sounds a bit nasty but I don’t think the US wants to open up any can of worms at a trial. They will, of course, deny that he was assassinated by them.

Did Snowden do the right ethical thing? It is debatable. But he has surely caused major headaches and probably put many lives in jeopardy.


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